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Books by V.Kempf

1.5. Abzeichen der Linieninfanterie-Regiment

1.5.111. Badge of the 123rd Kozlov Infantry Regiment

Badge of the 123rd Kozlov Infantry Regiment
Badge of the 123rd Kozlov Infantry Regiment

Officially approved on the 15th of April, 1911.
Badge is a white enamel St.George’s cross that is the gold wreath of laurel and oak branches. In the center of the badge there is silver coat of arms. On the rays of the cross there are cyphers of the Emperors Alexander I, Nicholas I, Alexander II, Alexander III, Paul I and Nicholas II completed by the gold Imperial crowns with gold dates “1797” and “1897”. There is gold inscribed ribbon at the bottom.

# Year Rarity
Condition / Cost ($)

Silver, gilding, enamel. Inscriptions are prominent

1911 Un
500 1500 16000 30000

Only one sample is known

Bronze, silver, gilding, enamel. Diameter 47 mm.

1911 Un
300 700 9500 18000

USA, eBay, 2006, VF, $479;

For non-commissioned officers. Bronze, gilding, silvering, paint.

1911 Un
100 400 3200 6000

Only one sample is known

For the lower ranks. Bronze, gilding, silvering, no enamel. Weight 26,5 g, size 47,8 x 43 mm.

1911 R4
100 300 1600 3000

Moscow, Coins&Medals, 2010, shop, VF, $2200;

Для нижних чинов. Бронза, позолота, серебрение, без эмали. Вензеля и даты на левом и правом крыле знака поменяны местами.

1911 Un
100 400 2600 5000

Only one sample is known

Документ о службе в данном подразделении, о вручении знака ($) Коробка для знака ($) Фотография c данным знаком ($) Гравировано имя владельца знака ($)
400 2000 150 +30%